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practice more than just yoga poses

Class Offerings & Services
Aerial Suspension YogaInversion therapy has been used in yoga for thousands of years. You will use the YogiGym® Suspension Yoga™ Sling to help you develop and maintain a healthy spine in a style that can be challenging, creative and fun!  (75 min class)

Ashtanga Vinyasa: This is an energetic class designed to heal, detoxify, and align the body & mind, particularly the spine. (75 min class)

Beginner Yoga: An introduction to what yoga is and an opportunity for you to experience a variety of styles to find what suits you. (6-8 week sessions)

Family Suspension Yoga™: These classes are fun for the whole family! Parents and kids get to connect, share and play through Suspension Yoga™. (1 hr class)

Intro to Ashtanga: Learn and practice the elements of Ashtanga Yoga: vinyasa - synchronizing breath with movement, bandhas - body locks, ujjayi breath, drishti - eye gaze, and asanas - postures. (6-8 week sessions)

Intro to Suspension YogaWorkshops
You will be introduced to the safe & effective use of the YogiGym® Suspension Yoga™ Sling. Learn how inversions and aerial movements decompress the spine, strengthen the core & deepen stretches. Practice how to safely enter more advanced yoga postures and benefit from small classes for greater attention. (2 hours)

Kids Suspension Yoga: These fun classes involve movements that stretch and strengthen the spine. Suspension play can help improve kids' self-esteem, regulate mood, and develop their bodies & minds. (1 hr class for Ages 6-12)

Kids Yoga: These playful classes incorporate yoga postures, breath work and guided mindfulness using games, partner work and heaps of fun! (45 min to 1 hr class for Ages 6-12)

Private Yoga Classes: Available upon request and includes yoga mats, props and complimentary tea afterwards. 

Restorative Thai Yoga: A variety of yoga props will be used to assist you in holding postures with comfort and ease. Unwind from your day with some added Thai Yoga Massage  - self-care goodness. (75 min class)

Suspension Yogaat Home: When you purchase your own YogiGym® Suspension Yoga™ Sling you can receive a private class in your own home to learn how to use the sling safely and customize your practice for your personal needs.

Teen Yoga: Through yoga postures, breath work and mindful activities these classes help teach teens the tools to self-regulate. (1 hr class)

Thai Yoga Massage: A dynamic therapy for physical well-being and spiritual energy. Considered to be a synthesis of yoga, Ayurveda and meditation practiced with metta, loving compassion. (90 mins)

Gift Certificates available upon request.

What you can bring
  • comfortable clothes
  • water bottle
  • your personal yoga mat & props

Methods of Payment
  • cash
  • cheque
  • e-transfer

Need a prop?
Contact me to purchase any Halfmoon Yoga product (based in Vancouver!) or a YogiGym® Suspension Yoga™ Sling.

About this Smiling Yogini
Jamie has a Baccalaureate in Science, Human Kinetics Major and started out as a Kinesiologist. She has always been fascinated with our body's ability to move and heal itself. 

She attended her first yoga class in 2004 as part of her cross-training. Over the years, she practiced a variety of styles and loved the uniqueness of each one. She completed her 200-hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Mysore, India. Her experiences there have enriched her life and evoked great respect and gratitude for all of her teachers. Always a student, Jamie has additional certifications in Thai Yoga Massage (Toronto & Montreal), 95-hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training (Vancouver), Aerial Suspension Yoga™ Teacher Training and Suspension Yoga™ for Kids Teacher Training (Toronto). 

Jamie encourages giving gratitude for what our bodies can do and dedicating the time to our personal well-being & self-care.

"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." Bhagavad Gita

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